At the core of THE CAN FOUNDATION's purpose lies a dedication to creating a beneficial influence on society by integrating real estate, social advocacy, and technology. One noteworthy undertaking of THE CAN FOUNDATION is centered on supporting women and minority small business proprietors. This endeavor is firmly devoted to equipping them with crucial information and essential resources, thereby enabling their success in the realm of entrepreneurship.


  • DREAM AMBASSADOR ($250,000 +)

    As a Dream Ambassador, your generous donation serves a multifacted purpose.  It directly contributes to a spectrum of initiatives, including providing homeownerhsip grants, supporting industry certification and exam expenses, offering grants for busineess establishment and growth, and promoting technology innovation and progress.  Most importantly, your versatile support plays a crucial role in facilitating job placement and compensation of global participants, thereby fostering economic growth and prosperity worldwide.

  • DREAM ACHIEVER ($249,000-$100,000)

    The Achiever Sponsor plays a pivotal role in the foundation's mission by providing homeownership grants, enabling individuals to achieve their homeownership dreams.

  • DREAM ARCHITECT ($99,999-$15,000)

    As a Dream Architect Sponsor, your backing directly aids in funding grants for the formation and expansion of businesses. This assistance empowers entrepreneurs to turn their innovative concepts into reality, fostering the growth and advancement of their enterprises.

  • DREAM VISIONARY ($14,999-$5,000)


    As a DREAM Visionary Sponsor, your abundant support clears the path for providing paid apprenticeships and internships to eager individuals, allowing them to acquire invaluable work experience and nurture their professional journey. Furthermore, your contribution extends to covering the costs related to industry certification training and exams, granting individuals the opportunity to acquire significant industry qualifications.

  • DREAM ENTHUSIAST ($4999-$1000)

    The DREAM Enthusiast Sponsor's dedication directly fuels our efforts in offering scholarships to partner Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Your contribution enhances access to higher education and creates opportunities for underserved students.


    The DREAM Weaver Sponsor's contribution is essential in providing laptops for students, ensuring that they have the digital tools they need to succeed in their educational journeys.


Together We CAN Make Dreams Happen